Society and the emotional connections with others draws, entices and convinces people to consume alcohol in all its forms. The way in which we cope in the world is greatly influenced by how we see the world.  Asking for help to obtain a fresh perspective is often the first and most profound step toward developing the mental muscle needed to become stronger. The more support you gain, the better equipped you will be to take on bigger challenges and achieve more successes. Be a better You and a Better Role Model for all.

Children deserve parents that care about their health and their children’s health. When a woman chooses to drink alcohol when pregnant it can have devastating effects on the unborn child. They may be born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and suffer its effects. Within the brain is a mechanism that controls impulsivity. This mechanism is possibly impaired when a child is not learning properly and cannot control their impulses.

The Corpus Callosum is a membrane between the left brain and the right brain and passes information between them. This is damaged in FAS children. The left brain handles facts, rules, order, thoughts, language and logic. The right brain deals with music, feelings, intuition, creativity and impulses.

The do’s and don’ts are in the left brain but when that impulse hits the right brain a child with FAS acts first and processes the information later. It is similar to what happens when a normal person drinks alcohol. Alcohol shuts down the left brain’s functioning. The person acts with the right brain only, which feels and acts on impulse, disregarding consequences. They may try to drive the car when they know they are not capable or say things impulsively, which they would not say when sober.

Impulse control is a neurological function of the frontal lobe, which is damaged by prenatal exposure to alcohol. Normally the frontal lobe controls inhibitions and judgment. Impulse control has nothing to do with knowing the rules & understanding the consequences when rules are broken. It is not a matter of will power when frontal lobe connections are not wired properly or when it has holes in it preventing it from not functioning well.

Alcohol consumption produces only damaging results in the body, relationships, home and in our society. Be a positive role model, enjoy like and your health without alcohol. Cheers!! for a better tomorrow!


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